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Who Is It For

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The Stars Method is a unique digital learning plan for parents who want to teach their children ages 4+ to swim.

It’s perfect both for kids who don’t know how to swim and for kids who know how to swim but want to improve their technique.

The program was developed by Hadar Frisch, an experienced therapist, swimming instructor, and the owner of a renowned swimming school.

How It Works

After registering for my discounted course, you will:

Gain access to my comprehensive lesson plans

Simple, easy-to-understand lesson plans make it easy for you to teach your child to swim.

Watch my innovative, experiential lessons with detailed explanations and video clips

Before heading out to the pool or sea, prepare all the items needed. Make sure to familiarize first the instructions and safety techniques in guiding your child in the water

Apply The Star Method lessons

Develop your child’s swimming skills using confidence-building language to help your little one feel secure as she or he learns new swimming exercises.

Learn creative and rewarding ways to encourage your child

Give your child important life skills. Have fun together 🙂

This is what parents say about the course



“I highly recommend this digital course to ALL of my friends! I taught my two daughters, ages 4 and 7 according to The Stars Method course. Now, they both know how to swim excellently thanks to Hadar and me. =)”




“My daughter learned to swim in a very short time, and I benefited too. I enjoyed the amazing quality time spent with her. She’s no longer afraid of the water. Our pool time is much more memorable! ”




“Highly recommend! First, I was skeptical about a digital swimming course, but after the first practice, I realized I was wrong. My son learned to swim within a month. I’m so glad I registered for this. Money well invested!”



“An excellent swimming course! Super clear with detailed exercises in a pleasant, clear, and empowering way. After watching the trial lesson, I purchased the course. My daughter and I enjoyed every minute of the swimming practices.”



“A friend told me about this course, and I purchased it. My husband watched the lessons and taught our son Ben. Ben immediately started swimming. He was excited to tell friends that his father taught him to swim. Easy 5 stars from me!”



“After Sofia went to a few swimming lessons, I felt like I wanted to be more involved. I found this course online and gave it a try. I registered and started teaching her. The results were surprising! I can’t believe I can teach swimming. Today, I have a little swimmer in the house :)”

"I've highly recommend this online course to all of my friends! I taught my 2 daughter, ages 4 and 7, according to stars method course and they both know how to swim excellent!"
"I've highly recommend this online course to all of my friends! I taught my 2 daughter, ages 4 and 7, according to stars method course and they both know how to swim excellent!"

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Meet Hadar Frisch

Dear parents, in the following videos I will teach you how to teach your child to swim, but before we start I would love to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Hadar Frisch, I have been a swimming instructor for many years, an emotional therapist in the water as well as a cognitive-behavioral therapist. Many years ago I developed my method for learning to swim and called it the “Star Method”.

It started from my understanding, wholes have a very great power that affects the body and mind of the child. I have taught thousands of children swimming and seen how learning to swim creates motivation, empowers children and creates for them self-confidence that is expressed in and out of the water.

I began to emotionally treat water in children who need work and emotional reinforcement and realized that learning to swim has the power to strengthen emotionally as well as strengthen the cognitive part.


1. Course introduction

2. Course startup - learning instructions, required aids, the parent's attitude during the child's learning


3. Blowing bubbles: through the mouth and nose

4. Breathing changes – We will teach the children how to hold their breath in the water and to blow bubbles

5. We will teach the children how to float in the water without aids/how to return to a standing position with confidence

6. We will teach the children how to make an arrow in the water/Summary of the water adjustment stage

7. We will teach the child how to dive/End of Star1: Printing the Star 1 Diploma - The Water Adjusment Diploma


8. Introduction to Star 2/Learning leg movements on the pool’s edge and in the water

9. Integrating leg movements and breathing - with aids during movement in the pool/Kicking off the wall with an arrow/Learning Leg movements without aids

10. Learning arm movement while standing in the water/Integrating armmovements with breathing in a static state

11. Integrating arm movements and breathing with aids while moving in the pool/Integrating arm movements and breathing without aids while moving in the pool

12. Integrating arm and leg movements anwith aids and without aids

13. End of Star 2: Printing the Star 2 Diploma - The Breast Stroke Diploma


14. Introduction: Freestyle

15. Breathing practice: Practicing blowing bubbles from the nose/Breathing in the side position: Practicing static side breathing while standing in the pool

16. Learning Leg movement - on the pool's edge/Learning leg movements while moving in the pool

17. Lthe earning side position while moving with kickboard/Practicing side podition and breathing with a kickboard while moving

18. Learning arm movements - learning the water sensation/The arms' position and their location during swimming/How to sweep/Learning arms movements static/Practicing hands' sweep during movement without aids

19. Learning the combination of on-sided sweep with one-sided breathing with aids/Practicing each side separately/Learning the combination of one-sided sweep with one-sided breathing without aids/Practicing each side separately

20. Learning full Freestyle with exit every 2 strokes/Practicing full Freestyle Every with exit every 2 strokes (one-sided breathing) with a kickboard/Practicing full Freestyle with exit Every 2 strokes (one-sided breathing) without aids

21. Learning Freestyle Every 3 strokes/Practicing with a kickboard /Without aids

22. End of Star3: Freestyle Swimming Diploma

Questions & Answers

The course is built for parents of kids ages 4+. It’s great both for kids who don’t know how to swim and aren’t experienced in the water, and kids who do know how to swim at some level or learned how to swim in the past and want to improve their skills or learn new strokes.

The course guides parents, giving them tools to teach their child step by step, in an easy-to-follow method. Anyone can use the Star Technique to teach their child how to swim with the added benefit of having a meaningful, parent-child bonding experience.

Your child will gain the skills he or she needs to swim with confidence, from basic water skills to diving and advanced strokes like breaststroke and freestyle, in an easy and experiential way.

Even if your child has already taken swimming lessons, there’s always more to learn. Perhaps he or she learned one swimming stroke, and now it’s time to learn something new.

You don’t have to be a strong swimmer to teach your child how to swim. The lessons are easy to understand, and designed to give you, as a parent, the skills you need to support your child’s learning process.

The course is made up of short video clips, only a few minutes for each lesson, so you can plan the lesson before you begin working with your child. Each pool session should take 10-15 minutes. Some of the skills need to be practiced several times before your child internalizes them—every child learns at his or her own pace. We recommend practicing with your child at least twice a week to reinforce the learned skills.

How to apply the course

Once you’ve signed up, you can access all course content anywhere and at any time.

The course consists of three stages. We recommend first watching all the clips in the relevant stage, and then going back and watching the specific lesson you’ll be working on immediately before implementing it with your child.

Whether your child is just getting started, is a bit hesitant, or is like a fish in the water, we recommend starting with the first stage. The first stage focuses on developing good water habits, as well as proper breathing and diving techniques that are critical for all types of swimming.

However if your child has learned how to swim in the past, and you’re looking to reinforce skills or teach him or her a new stroke, you can also choose to skip to the second or third stages—breaststroke and freestyle.

We’re here to help! Just send us an email to hadar@thestarsmethod.com.

Each child learns at his or her unique pace and can need more or less time to understand and internalize a swimming technique. We recommend taking it slow and staying attentive to your child’s needs—there’s no reason to move fast or to push your child. Even if a child seems to be progressing quickly, it’s always a good idea to go back and reinforce what he or she has learned, to ensure that it has been fully internalized.

And even more important—remember to take the time to enjoy the experience with your child!

We recommend working with kids step by step. Each time you go to the pool, start by reviewing what your child learned in previous lessons before you teach him or her something new. The review will help your child internalize the techniques and become a better swimmer.

It also depends on your child’s attention span and motivation—don’t forget to leave time to play and have fun in the pool, which is super important. But if you feel that your child is still focused and still wants to learn, you can do more than one lesson per pool visit.

But remember, there is no reason to hurry, and it’s important for your child to practice and internalize each and every stage.

Each lesson is short, making it easy to remember. If you’re not sure about something, just watch the short video before going to the pool, and it should be enough to carry you through.

Purchasing the course

Each lesson is short, making it easy to remember. If you’re not sure about something, just watch the short video before going to the pool, and it should be enough to carry you through.

If you would like to cancel your registration, simply send us an email within 30 days of purchase to hadar@thestarsmethod.com.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

We explain what equipment is needed at the beginning of every stage. In general, you will need goggles, a bathing cap (so long hair doesn’t get in the way), a pool noodle, floaties, and a floatie vest for small children. But no need to worry—we go over it all at the beginning of each lesson.