The Stars Method course - Star 1

Teach your child how to swim in Just 30 days!

Star 1 is the first level of the The Stars Method Course. Here your children will learn how to be comfortable in the water and adapt their bodies to its fluidity and move freely.

They will also learn to perfect their breathing when in water. With Hadar Frisch as your guide, you will be just like the best professional swimming instructor your child could ever ask for!

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Breathing Techniques

The first and most important goal of Star 1 is to teach your child how to breathe in water. Some things come naturally to us when we are in water, but as a parent swimming coach, how will you teach your child? It is best to begin swimming lessons for 5 year olds with this.
For older children too, this should be the starting point. Hadar guides you through the process by demonstrating the ways in which you can show a child how to blow bubbles in water, how to hold their breath and more. She shows you the exact examples to use when explaining the process to your child.
They begin by holding their breath for as low as 3-4 seconds and will slowly be able increase the time.

Using the right language during children’s swim lessons is key.
As a swimming instructor, you need to know what to say and how to simply explain the process to the child so that he understands and can easily follow your instructions on how to learn to swim. Hadar equips you with everything you need for children’s swimming lessons!

Floating in Water

The second step of Star 1 is to teach your child how to float in water. Hadar demonstrates the techniques you need to use and visually shows you the process in the video by teaching a child how to float. Here, you may need a pool noodle and some other teaching aids, but you may also teach floatation without any extra tools. Hadar shows you how to hold the child in water, the ways to guide the child to float on their own and slowly once they are confident, you can let them float by themselves.

Floating forms the basis of basic swimming strokes so it is essential that your child can float perfectly well on their own before you proceed further.

Bonus Tip: Diving in water!

Once your child is comfortable breathing and floating in water, its time to have some fun! Children’s swimming lessons should be a fun activity so that they look forward to more each time. Hadar shows you how you can show your child a basic diving technique from the edge of the pool. The best part about this is you can start play diving games with your child. Just get their toys that you can put in the pool and have them fish it out!

This activity will have them practise their breathing, their body control in water and diving all at the same time without them realising that they are working towards how to learn to swim! They will just be playing games!!


At the end of Star 1, you will have access to a personalized Certificate of Merit  with your child’s name that you can print out and gift it to your child. This acts as a strong motivation and encourages them to do better and better!

Note – when you child is in the water, you need to be extremely vigilant and must have eyes on them ALL the time. Never leave them unattended during children’s swim lessons. .

Lifetime Access!