Breathing Techniques

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When we teach a child how to learn to swim, we teach them a crucial life skill. To swim well, it’s essential for children to know the right breathing techniques swimming. In addition to the correct postures, the correct arm and leg movements, what is equally important is learning the correct way to breathe when in water. Hadar Frisch guides you with how to correctly coach a child on how to breathe when swimming.

Freestyle Swimming Breathing

Breathing correctly when doing the freestyle stroke in swimming, is fundamental to its efficiency. A consistent supply of oxygen is important to swim. If the freestyle breathing is regular, a child can easily increase their speed. For freestyle swimming technique, the best way to breathe is to do two-sided pattern breathing as demonstrated by Frisch in her videos. A one-sided freestyle swimming breathing technique is also effective if the child is more comfortable with it in the beginning.

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Front Crawl Breathing

Learning how to breathe when doing the front crawl stroke in the pool is essential to its speed. Hadar Frisch, when teaching breathing techniques, demonstrates how important it is to roll the head to the side (versus a jerk up lift). The timing of the breath must be coordinated with the arm movement. This is important to be taught to a child when training him for the first time itself.

Butterfly Breathing Technique

The butterfly breathing technique is tougher than the others and is hence best taught at a later stage to a child. It involves bringing the head up front and breathing every one or two strokes. Children often prefer to hold their breath and perform a few strokes – this is not good for the long haul and children need to be taught to avoid this.

Breaststroke Breathing

Breathing technique for the breast stroke is probably the simplest as it follows the natural form of the body and its movements. This is precisely why Hadar Frisch advocates teaching breast stroke breathing first when teaching your child how to swim. Children need to learn how to coordinate their arm pulls and leg kick movements with an established breaststroke breathing pattern.


Be it freestyle swimming breathing, front crawl breathing or breaststroke breathing techniques, Hadar Frisch shows you exactly how to coach your child with demonstrative pool videos. She also guides you with the teaching tools to use, the kind of language, the examples to give your child so that he/she can easily understand and learn the different breathing techniques.

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