Front Crawl Style

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The front crawl, more popularly known as the freestyle technique of swimming, is one of the first few swimming strokes that a child will learn when they start children’s swim lessons.

When to begin children's swim lessons?

Targeted studies reveal that parent-child swimming lessons can reduce drowning risks for children. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, most children are ready to start the basics of how to learn swim which include, getting into the pool and standing in water, floating, breathing, paddling etc.  You can take the help of pool tools like a pool noodle or other water toys to make it interesting and enjoyable for the kids.

By the age of five or six, most children can learn front crawl swimming technique beginners as well as the breaststroke. However, these ages are just an indication and you must remember that each child is unique in their way of learning so encouragement and motivation is key at this stage of children’s swim lessons.

How to Teach a Child the Front Crawl Swimming Stroke

To teach a child any skill, how you explain it is important. Your choice of words, using examples they can understand and relate to go a long way in determining success in teaching. This is especially true in case of swimming. How to swim front stroke? For children’s swim lessons, when you begin to teach freestyle, you need to know how to teach front crawl breathing first. Then you can move on to the arm movements, the leg movements and finally to coordinating everything and moving through the water in freestyle.

Front Crawl Breathing

Breathing is the toughest part of any swimming technique and is different for each. Hence, it is important to teach this first. The child will first need to learn to breathe every few strokes and then slowly take it upto an optimum level. Once he/she masters breathing in and out the front way, you can proceed to teach them how to do side breathing, firstly by the edge of the pool and later while doing the front crawl. Let them practise front crawl breathing enough number of times so that they are confident and comfortable.

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How to improve front crawl

The most important thing to remember for any swimming instructor is that no stroke can be learnt in a day or even a week. It takes several hours of practise and oodles of patience to conduct children’s swim lessons and make sure they learn each aspect fully before moving on to the next.

More than mastering the front crawl or any other swim technique, you must ensure that children feel good about being able to move about in the water, enjoy themselves – this has a monumental impact on their self-esteem levels. You will note how being able to swim positively impacts their confidence. Every child will be able to swim – you just need to be able to teach them in the right way with the right words.

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About Hadar Frisch

This program is developed by Hadar Frisch after years of research and experience at managing her own swimming school. Hadar is a swimming instructor and a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist. She has researched and worked with Aquatic Therapy especially targeted at improving children’s confidence levels with children’s swimming lessons. Hadar talks to you about your attitude, your approach to your children’s swim class as being an important factor in the teaching process. She teaches you how to encourage your child, build confidence, and instill in them an aim to get better, and strive harder to learn.

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