Butterfly Swimming Technique

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The butterfly swimming technique is an advanced swim stroke and one that requires basic knowledge of swimming and breathing in water. It is a tough skill to master as it requires precision and expertise. This is the primary reason why the butterfly swimming technique is not taught to beginners. Children’s swim lessons ideally begin with the breast stroke and free style swim technique for beginners.

Butterfly Swimming Technique for Beginners

If you are new to the butterfly, you may think that it is impossible at first but Hadar Frisch breaks it down in to simple easy-to-understand steps for you to learn the butterfly stroke technique.

First introduced in the 1920s as a variation of the breast stroke technique, the butterfly swimming style was introduced in the Olympics only in the year 1956 and hence is regarded as a relatively new technique of swimming.

The butterfly requires a lot of body coordination and strength and that’s why it is taught to children once they have mastered the basic strokes and are comfortable with being and breathing in water. You need to teach your child a different kind of style – to bob up and down instead of just rotating along an axis.

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How To Teach Butterfly Swimming

Hadar Frisch has a specialized method of teaching the butterfly swimming technique to children. The correct positioning of the body is very essential. Then comes the arm pull movement. Children need this to be demonstrated perfectly so that they learn the correct technique from the very start. The legs need to perform the butterfly kick also known as the dolphin kick. Each of these movements is shown by Hadar teaching a child in the video with specific instructions on how to teach the technique with correct examples to a child.

Breathing Technique for the Butterfly Swimming Style

Breathing is a natural body activity but one that you need to be most conscious about when learning how to swim. If you are reading about butterfly breathing techniques, chances are that you have already     mastered the basics of breathing in water. Breathing with the butterfly is a challenge and especially when you need to teach it to children. Frisch shows you exactly how to teach butterfly swimming and its breathing techniques to children.          

As compared to the breast stroke technique, the breathing pattern for the butterfly is somewhat different. To begin with, you will need to teach your child that a breath for every stroke is important and the most common way is breathing through the front. If some children are more comfortable with side breathing, you may also encourage them to do so, however, with a variation especially designed for the butterfly stroke technique.

Mastering the Butterfly

When a child learns and masters the butterfly swimming technique, you will note that it gives a huge boost to his morale and confidence levels. This swim stroke is tough for beginners but with the correct guidance the Hadar Frisch way, it becomes oh-so-easy!

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About Hadar Frisch

This program is developed by Hadar Frisch after years of research and experience at managing her own swimming school. Hadar is a swimming instructor and a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist. She has researched and worked with Aquatic Therapy especially targeted at improving children’s confidence levels with children’s swimming lessons. Hadar talks to you about your attitude, your approach to your children’s swim class as being an important factor in the teaching process. She teaches you how to encourage your child, build confidence, and instill in them an aim to get better, and strive harder to learn.

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