The Stars Method course - Star 2

Teach your child how to swim in Just 30 days!

The second part of the The Stars Method Course is Star 2. After successfully completing Star 1, your child is now ready to start learning arm and leg movements in water. In Star 2, Hadar Frisch introduces your child to the first style of swimming he will learn – the Breast Stroke.
This style of swimming is easier to learn and best taught before freestyle. Let’s take a more detailed look into what you will be teaching your child in his journey of how to learn to swim.

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Leg Movements in Water

Hadar Frisch guides you on how to teach swim lessons to your child by starting with leg movements outside the water. That’s right – your child first needs to practise the movements while sitting at the edge of pool and then get into the water and adapt his body to do the same in a different medium – water.
This takes some getting used to, so Hadar advises you to have at least 2-3 practise sessions of each step till your child becomes confident in the pool.

Arm Movements in Water

With demonstrative videos, Hadar Frisch guides you with how you can teach the correct arm movements required for the breaststroke technique. You may need to use some teaching aids like the pool noodle you may have used for Star 1 or a floating block. Once he has practised doing specific movements in water, you will show him how to move like an arrow in water.

In this part of the course, you will also show your child how to manage his breathing while working his body in water. At every stage, your swimming instructor Hadar is telling you exactly how to teach, what to say to your child, what mistakes he may make and how to correct them.

Integrating Body Movements with Breathing in Water

Once your child has practised the leg and arm movements well, you will teach him how to integrate the two and his breathing such that his body glides through water in the breaststroke technique. You will be shown exactly how to hold your child’s body and explain with the help of child-friendly examples.

Star 2 Diploma

At the end of Star 2, you will be given access to a Diploma Certificate for Breast Stroke personalized with your child’s name to print out and gift it to your child. Being a CBT therapist well-trained in handling children, Hadar Frisch re-emphasizes the importance of motivation when making your children swimmers. How to learn to swim is a fun journey that you will be enjoying together with your child.

Note – when you child is in the water, you need to be extremely vigilant and must have eyes on them ALL the time. Never leave them unattended during children’s swim lessons. .

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