The Stars Method course - Star 3

Teach your child how to swim in Just 30 days!

The third segment of the The Stars Method Course is Star 3. After successfully completing Star 2, your child is now comfortable with the breaststroke techniques in water. You have already taught your child how to learn to swim! He/she is now ready to start learning Freestyle swimming.


The Freestyle technique of swimming is most popular as it gives you speed and greater freedom of movement in water. However, it requires skill and practise and this is why Hadar Frisch, with all her experience in coaching children, shows you how and why this technique is best taught after the breaststroke.

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Breathing Technique for Freestyle

The most important step when conducting children’s swim lessons, is to demonstrate how breathing is done. This is what Hadar first shows you how to teach a child to breathe when doing freestyle, as this is done differently than with breaststroke.
Hadar shows you exactly how to teach the breathing technique and then practise static side breathing at the edge of the pool.

Leg Movements for Freestyle

Teaching your child the correct leg movement for freestyle comes next. This is easy as it is similar to the paddling you have already taught your child in Star 1.

Here you will go a few steps ahead and with the help of a kick-board, like a swim instructor, you will make your child practise the leg movement all around the pool, firstly by holding him/her and then slowly letting go as they gain confidence.

Arm Movements for Freestyle

Freestyle requires very specific arm movements and Hadar Frisch demonstrates this very clearly by herself and with a child in the pool so that you are absolutely certain of how to teach the sweep movement of the arms.
Precision and correct body alignment is crucial and she shows you how if your child learns the correct way to do it, he/she will never go wrong!

Integrating Leg & Arm Movements

Once your child has learnt and sufficiently practised the breathing, leg and arm movements, it is time for them to do it all together. Hadar Frisch shows you exactly how to guide your child with or without pool tools to start doing the freestyle.

It is essential to practise one-side breathing and one side movements for both left and right sides. Slowly you will proceed to teaching your child exit every 2 strokes and every 3 strokes till they are perfectly confident in water! Remember, you must make them practise this with both one-sided and two-sided breathing.

Star 3 Diploma

Now your child has practised and perfected his freestyle technique in water, you must reward them. You can print out a copy of the Freestyle Swimming Diploma and gift it to your child. Appreciation goes a long way in boosting their confidence levels.

Hadar Frisch ends with a beautiful message for parents who are teaching their children how to learn to swim. Once you’ve taught them the techniques, regular practise will make them perfect swimmers!

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