About Hadar Frisch

Meet Hadar Frisch, an experienced Swim Instructor, Integrative Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Emotional Water Therapist.

Passionate about swimming and deeply inspired by the drive to teach this essential life skill to children, Frisch created the ‘The Stars Method’- a revolutionary program designed to empower parents with the knowledge of how to take children’s swim lessons themselves.  This course combines her deep understanding of the mechanics of swimming with therapeutic techniques like CBT to create an enriching, and empowering experience in the water for the children.

Her coaching philosophy is that patience, belief in the child and motivation is the key to unlocking a child’s true potential. And who can be better at this than a parent?! Parents can spend quality time bonding with their children while teaching them swimming in a fun and engaging way. Her method ensures effective coaching alongwith a strong boost in confidence levels in a child.

Hadar Frisch says, “Having been a swim instructor for several years, I’ve seen how effective aquatic water therapy can be and how swimming empowers kids, motivates them, and gives them confidence in the water and on land. I truly believe in the connection between our minds, bodies and water.”

So, begin your children’s swim lessons the Hadar Frisch way and see the difference

“By Teaching your child to swim you gain a fun quality time, and an experience that produces a sweet childhood memories that will stay with them forever!”

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