The Stars Method course - Certification

Teach your child how to swim in Just 30 days!

The Stars Method is an instructional course conducted by experience Swimming Instructor and CBT therapist, Hadar Frisch. In this course you will learn how to teach someone to swim.


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When it comes to teaching children, what is most important is what to say and how to teach the techniques. Children are fast learners but they need to be guided correctly and Hadar Frisch demonstrates exactly what to say to your child, how to show them the techniques and guide them at every step.

As your child completes each stage of the swimming lesson, as a form of appreciation for their hard work and success, you will have access to Diplomas that you can print out and award to your child. This works as a huge motivational boost and pushes them to try harder each time.

Star 1 Diploma – Water Adjustment

The initial stage or the break-in is always the most difficult. In this online course, Hadar shows you how you can make the process fun and interesting for children. Getting comfortable in water, learning breathing techniques, and managing body movements in water is the aim of Star 1.

Once your child has mastered these, he/she will be very happy in water. You can then print out the Star 1 Diploma and present it to them congratulating them on their achievement!

Star 2 Diploma – Breast Stroke

The next stage or Star 2 is where you will teach your child how to do the Breast stroke. Applying the breathing techniques learnt in Star 1, your child with surge ahead and learn his first stroke – the breast stroke swim technique for beginners.

Once they have had enough practise and can successfully manage to swim in the pool with the correct techniques, you can print out the Star 2 Diploma and award it to them for their accomplishment.

Star 3 Diploma – Freestyle

The Final stage of this online course is Star 3 where you will learn how to teach swim lessons specifically the Freestyle technique to your child. This is more complicated and requires several sessions for children to get it right. Its very important for you to guide and motivate them along at every step.

When they are successfully able to do side breathing and swim freestyle with ease, you can print out the Star 3 Diploma and award it to your child acknowledging their hard work and dedication!

There is no longer any need to search for swimming instructor near me! All you need to do is watch The Stars Method and you will learn how to teach someone to swim perfectly! Do it the Hadar Frisch way!

Lifetime Access!