Children’s Swimming Lessons

Teach your child how to swim in Just 30 days!

Remember the time you wanted to learn how to swim or the very day you learned swimming?  Rewarding wasn’t it? I’m sure you want to gift your child the ability to swim. So, how do you begin? Should you teach your child or should you enroll them for children’s swimming lessons with a professional instructor? You have questions and we have all these answers right here!

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The Ideal Age to Begin

Any time is the best time to learn how to swim. However, the earlier you get started with children’s swimming lessons, the better it is. Some people like to begin it by 3, while others like to wait till a child turns 5 years old. Children all grow at their own pace, so you need to judge your child’s maturity, learning ability, physical and mental development. Also, keep in mind your child’s comfort level when in water. By the age of 4, generally most children are ready to begin swimming and hence swim lessons for 4-year-olds are quite popular.


Private Instructor VS Parent Coach

By the time a child turns 4, most parents start searching “private swim lessons near me” or “kids swimming lessons near me”, only to find out that the closest swimming lessons for kids are quite a drive away or are quite expensive. Also, most swimming classes focus on teaching a group and a child’s individual needs may be left unattended.
As a parent, you can easily take matters in your own hands and take swimming lessons to teach your own kids.

Benefits of Teaching Your Own Child

  • You know your child best: You are aware of his/her abilities and limitations. You would hence be able to steer your child in the right direction, as good as or even better than any children’s swim class could.
  • Trust Factor: Your child already trusts you so it will be easy for them to follow what you say, as compared to a ‘stranger’.
  • Quality Bonding Time: You get to spend quality time with your child and bond with them while using the time productively in teaching them an essential skill.
  • Savings: You do not need to spend excessive amounts of money on children’s swimming lessons which can get a tad expensive.
  • It’s a lot of FUN!: Hours of endless fun at your child’s swimming lessons is a guaranteed bonus!

The Perfect Guide for You

YOU are the best swim instructor for your child. What you need to are the correct techniques of teaching. Equipped with the right methods, the visual aids, the correct instructions and explanations, you can easily teach your child to swim. There is no need for any swimming coach for your child – you can do the job perfectly once you know how. This is where The Stars Method By Hadar Frisch comes in.

The Stars Method is an innovative approach aimed at teaching you how to coach your child.  The program is created in easy-to-follow demonstrative videos with Frisch explaining every step and teaching you the exact phrases to use while explaining to your child. She also highlights the commonly made mistakes to you need to avoid. Additionally, at the end of each video, there is a quick lesson summary. This is extremely handy when you want to go over any lesson again for a recap.

About Hadar Frisch

This program is developed by Hadar Frisch after years of research and experience at managing her own swimming school. Hadar is a swimming instructor and a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist. She has researched and worked with Aquatic Therapy especially targeted at improving children’s confidence levels with children’s swimming lessons. Hadar talks to you about your attitude, your approach to your children’s swim class as being an important factor in the teaching process. She teaches you how to encourage your child, build confidence, and instill in them an aim to get better, and strive harder to learn.

About The Stars Method Course

The Stars Method Course is divided in 3 levels each targeting a specific technique. Your child receives a completion diploma provided at the end of each level (which you can print out at your end), which further acts as a morale booster.

Star 1The first level aims at getting your child comfortable in water, learning how to breathe and float. This is where your child and you have fun in water and bond as you coach him/her through the process. Once your child has learnt these basics, you reward them with special Diploma stating that they have completed Level 1 successfully. This works wonders to boost a child’s confidence!

Star 2 Your child will be more eager than you to begin the second level or Star 2, that’s a guarantee! In this section, Hadar shows you how to teach your child the breast stroke, first demonstrating arm movements, then targeting legs and finally integrating them with the correct breathing techniques. With a few sessions in the pool once your child has made sufficient progress, you will award the Star 2 Diploma to your child.

Star 3After breast stroke, in Star 3, Hadar shows you how to teach the freestyle technique of swimming. Here also, via demonstrative videos with younger children, Hadar shows you how to teach the strokes for legs, arms as well as side breathing techniques. With practice, you will see your child perfectly swimming freestyle in the pool and you can then award him/her the Star 3 Diploma certificate.

As mother who watched the whole course, I can say that it is surprisingly easy to teach a child how to swim. Hadar starts the course with basic breathing techniques and eventually moves to freestyle. She anticipates the common questions a parent can have. She addresses them by explaining why each movement, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can affect a child’s movement in water. She also enumerates common mistakes to avoid.
The most important part is Hadar’s reminders to always consider the readiness of the child. Instead of forcing a child, you can break down the lesson time to shorter spurts if needed, and to always encourage and motivate them with positive phrases.

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