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Teach your child how to swim in Just 30 days!

Welcome to The Stars Method, a revolutionary course that will allow you to become the perfect swimming coach to your child. You will learn how to teach children swimming step-by-step with the right techniques and teaching tools. So, say goodbye to all your “children’s swim lessons near me” searches forever!

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The Stars Method swimming lessons online is a course specially designed for parents by expert swim instructor Hadar Frisch. This course will guide you on how to take children’s swim lessons – your child will learn from the best teacher, his parent! Hadar Frisch is an experienced CBT and Aquatic therapist specializing in children and hence, her methods of teaching are well oriented to children’s levels of understanding. Some key highlight of the children’s swim lessons course include:

Star 1

The first level of the course is Star 1 where you will learn how to introduce your child to being comfortable in water. Moving around in water and breathing requires controlling the body in specific ways. Hadar guides you with how to teach your child to breathe in water with a simple blowing bubbles technique. So, you are even taking swimming lessons for 4 year olds, the methods are easily taught.

Once your child has learnt the initial art of breathing when in the pool, you will move on to teaching them how to float in water. Remember, pool time is fun time so you must make sure that your kids are having fun while learning how to swim and Hadar shows you exactly how to do that! Keeping children engaged at this stage is crucial.

Star 2

The second part of the course is Star 2. The primary focus of this segment of the swimming lessons online is teaching the breast stroke style of swimming. Hadar takes you through the process step-by-step demonstrating how you need to teach your child at each stage. Tackling one part of the body at a time is important. You will first teach your child to do the arm movements for this technique, then the legs and then integrate them together along with the right way of breathing.

Talking to your child, telling them that you believe in them, constantly motivating them to practice and get better works wonders when you teach children swimming.

At the end of Star 2, your child will have learnt how to swim breast stroke in water. You can then reward your child with the Diploma Certificate for Breast Stroke available at the end of the Star 2 section, that you can print out at home.

Star 3

The third segment of the children’s swim lessons is Star 3, where you will learn how to teach your child swimming Freestyle. This technique requires some practise and teaching it in correct way is essential. In the course videos here, Hadar shows you how to explain the different hand and leg movements to your child. Side breathing, correct exits, strokes etc are all important. Aided by you and with adequate practise, you’ll see that your child will be able to swim freestyle in no time!

At the end of Star 3, you have the Freestyle Swimming Diploma ready to print and award to your child.

The Stars Method is an exceptionally effective course on how to teach your child swimming. You will no longer need to look for “children’s swimming lessons near me”, which are mostly quite expensive and done in groups. When you teach your child to swim, you not only teach him a basic survival skill, you also give him the gift of a great teacher (his own parent) and spend quality time bonding with him, creating beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Lifetime Access!