Breaststroke Style

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The most popular style of swimming, the breaststroke is one that easy to learn and hence preferred by instructors when they begin children’s swim lessons. It is one of the oldest known types of swimming strokes. The main reason for this is that you can easily keep your head above water, keep your eyes mostly open and breathe naturally when swimming with the breaststroke technique. This is most helpful for beginners especially children, who are just learning to be comfortable in the pool. This style of swimming is also called the “frog stroke” as the breaststroke technique involves gliding like a frog in water.

How To Do a Breaststroke

The breaststroke technique is a casual one that involves gliding of arms and legs in a circular motion while pushing the body forward like an arrow. The arms sweep in and sweep out smoothly. A part of the body is above water and hence easy to manoeuvre. A proper breaststroke technique involves the body to be at a 45-degree angle in the water in the horizontal position. It is one of the basic swimming strokes taught to beginners.

Breathing Technique for Breaststroke

Before showing a child how to do the breaststroke for beginners, he/she needs to learn how to breathe in water. This can be taught using effective demonstrative techniques as shown by Hadar Frisch in her swimming lessons online course. Its most important to teach a child how to breathe comfortably in water and practise till they get the hang of it. Enough time needs to be given as this is an essential before attempting to learn the different types of swimming strokes.

How to Teach a Child to Swim Breaststroke

After learning to float and breathe in water, most swim instructors prefer to teach the breaststroke, while some do opt to start with the freestyle. You need to know how to teach a child to swim breaststroke by explaining to him in easy language and of course with continuous demonstrations. Its best if you take the child’s hand and guide the movement showing him/her exactly how to do a breaststroke.

Breaststroke vs Freestyle

What is the difference between a breaststroke and freestyle? Both are types of swimming strokes taught to beginners. While the breaststroke allows a child to glide in water and move ahead like an arrow, the freestyle involves coordinated arm and leg movements for increased speed. Breaststroke technique is a more casual form of swimming while the freestyle allows you to increase stamina, heartrate and pace.

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Mastering the Breaststroke

When a child practises the swim technique breaststroke enough, you will note that it boosts his/her speed in the pool and works as a strong motivation to get better and better. This swim stroke is not very tough to learn beginners and with the correct guidelines taught the Hadar Frisch way, it becomes extremely simple!

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About Hadar Frisch

This program is developed by Hadar Frisch after years of research and experience at managing her own swimming school. Hadar is a swimming instructor and a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist. She has researched and worked with Aquatic Therapy especially targeted at improving children’s confidence levels with children’s swimming lessons. Hadar talks to you about your attitude, your approach to your children’s swim class as being an important factor in the teaching process. She teaches you how to encourage your child, build confidence, and instill in them an aim to get better, and strive harder to learn.

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